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Why We’re Unique

We founded Rusty's ATV Repair & Rescue LLC in 2018. We have a passion for fixing things. In 2018 we brought that passion out in the open. Our goal is to provide quality work at an affordable price. Everyone has their own passion and talent, this is ours. We want to use our passion to help you, be it maintaining that beautiful lawn, or enjoying some of the scenic roadways or trails this state has to offer. And what better way to do it than with a mechanic you can trust who will leave you enough gas money to enjoy what ever you may own.

We provide basic preventive maintenance like oil changes and greasing all the way up to top down engine rebuilds or other component rebuilds. If you do your own maintenance, great. We will be here to tackle that more in depth repair you don't feel very confident doing yourself. We can provide you with an estimate for repairs if you want to know what you might be getting into also. We prefer to use OEM parts were it makes sense. That doesn't mean we are going to sell you a $400 starter when a perfectly good aftermarket one costs around $100. But it does mean that we will not order up the cheapest part we can find off of Ebay or Amazon. In our experience that usually leads to doing the work twice, and nobody likes that.

Did your four wheeler just die on you and now you can't get it into neutral? Give us a call, maybe we can walk you through it. Still can't figure it out? Call us back and let us know. If we are not busy we will swing by and help you out. Is your dealer going to do that for you?

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